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Teenage years can be a period of great growth and discovery.  They can also be a treacherous, uncertain time.  This is particularly true for girls, who are particularly vulnerable to negative media images, low self esteem, and bear the brunt of the consequences of unplanned teenage pregnancies. 

 Consider the following statistics:

  • The birthrate among teenagers is declining, but it is still too high.  Around a quarter of all first births in this country are to teen mothers.

  • Only one-third of teen mothers receive a high school diploma, and only 1.5% earn a college degree by age 30. 

  • Nearly a quarter of girls exhibit depressive symptoms, and ten percent show severe depressive symptoms.  Girls score notably worse in this area than boys. 

  • 29% of adolescent girls reported having thoughts of suicide.

  •  As early as second grade girls start receiving strong messages that they are not suited to a math/science/engineering curriculum.  This starts a pattern of attrition that persists through the teen years and into the workforce.

Now more than ever America needs strong, confident girls who are encouraged to reach their full potential.  However, the playing field is not level.  Data shows that the gap between rich and poor continues to accelerate, while at the same time the American workforce is being challenged by overseas competitors. 

In an increasingly competitive world, girls without access to mentoring and resources risk being left behind. 

The Foundation will design and execute programs to encourage and help participants to (1) develop a mind-set for achievement and success; (2) learn strategies and receive tutoring in subjects that improve academic achievement;  (3) learn about college preparation and admissions procedures; (4)  become more aware of financial responsibilities and learn financial management strategies;  (5) understand importance of community through community projects; (6) enhance social and business etiquette skills; and (7) obtain college scholarship and grant monies.

Statistics on this page provided by:  National Campaign to prevent Teen Pregnancy;  “A Crisis of Confidence:  Teenage Girls and the Risky Years”;   National Science Foundation's (NSF) Research on Gender in Science and Engineering (GSE) program:, U.S. Census Bureau Data


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